Surrender To Win

bookSurrender to Win book Regain Sanity by Strategically Relinquishing Control

Starting a business is never easy, neither is it easy being a seasoned entrepreneur.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone laid out the basics so that others could save a lot of time, money, and grief? Laura Harris has done just that. Focusing on concepts that will help entrepreneurs avoid costly, time-consuming trial-and-terror learning, Harris will guide you through the challenges of running a business.

Based on the author’s own hard-earned lessons and her years of experience consulting with hundreds of business owners, Surrender to Win will teach you how to generate more income, maximize profits, create client loyalty, develop autonomous employees, and decrease the stress that results from “making it up as you go along.” You can achieve all of this and not be shackled to the business by developing a solid busi-ness plan, clear-cut operations, strong leaders, and competent employees.

Harris offers insightful and authoritative advice that both fledgling entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners will find helpful and practical. She can teach you how to build a profitable business where employees think and act like owners.

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