I Am an Athlete

No laughing allowed.

Recently my husband and I were having a random conversation and I said, “As an athlete…”

My amazing husband started dying laughing.  I immediately began to defend myself.  I did get a black belt in TaeKwonDo when I was 25. Even though I am not as strong a player as I would like…I still play on a co-ed softball team. In addition I am reasonably consistent about running (OK…it is more jogging).

Later I had time to reflect.  Why was it so crucial to me to describe myself as an athlete?  In the back of my mind I was sure that I would behave more like an athlete if I thought of myself as one.

I am very clear that my mission in life is to be powerful in every aspect of my life and encourage others to do the same.  Our thoughts and actions determine whether or not we are successful.

Do you think of yourself as an athlete?  Would you be more likely to behave like one if you did?  Put on clothes that make you feel like an athlete and decide to take the first step.

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