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Podcast on Systemization of Business – Learn from my mistakes

Business is stressful without systemization & accountability! Here is a link to a podcast interview that I did recently. This is brutal and somewhat embarassing honesty about many mistakes. The photo below by deegolden strikes me as a representation … Continue reading

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Hiring Relatives – Energizing or Draining

Creating a life that builds others up is energizing. One has to be careful to do so with healthy boundaries. One area that can get sticky is when considering hiring family members to work with you in business. Working with … Continue reading

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I Am an Athlete

No laughing allowed. Recently my husband and I were having a random conversation and I said, “As an athlete…” My amazing husband started dying laughing.  I immediately began to defend myself.  I did get a black belt in TaeKwonDo when … Continue reading

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